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The Mission
Novoherb Technologies was founded on the belief that each person including the medical community, health care professionals, Novoherb Philosophyand consumers all deserve the highest quality and most effective nutritional supplements available.

We strive to rediscover mother nature’s wealth and develop the safest and highest quality herbal ingredients for the well being of humankind.

Our Concept
Based on natural therapy of preventive medicine, novoherb is dedicated to continuing thousands of years of traditional Chinese herbal medicine with advanced medicinal science and technology, creates human healthy life with harmony of Nature.

We focus On
Based on the concept, our product line are carefully selected with the perfect balance of Tradition, Nature & Science, they are truly Superior Herbalism and Holistic Health System that support our body in ways that the nature designs to.

Chinese Herbs – Chinese herbs represent one of the oldest and most respected wisdom about natural healing in the world. For literally thousands of years, masters of herbology in China have explored the healing properties of various plants and minerals to help create balance and strength in the human body. Through the ages, various individual plants and minerals, as well as specific combinations of plants and minerals have been developed, tested, and perfected to create the world famous formulas offered by traditional Chinese medicine.

Medicinal Mushrooms – Mushrooms have been valued throughout the world as both food and medicine for thousands of years. As a natural defense against pathogenic invasion, fungi have developed their own strong antibiotics, which synchronistically happen to be effective for humans. This is why some mushrooms help our bodies maintain a strong defense against certain bacteria and viruses.

Super Fruits – Mother Nature has provided us with hundreds of different fruits and berries. Nourished by sunlight, fruits and berries are the densest nutritional sources and energetic powerhouses on the earth, they provide specific phytochemicals that protect cellular function throughout the body. The more of them you get, the better off you’ll be.

Oriental Teas – Tea was considered an elixir in ancient China. According to TCM understanding, tea has both sweet and bitter flavors and possesses cooling properties. Tea helps to refresh the mind, enhance alertness and boost concentration. Tea can also promote body fluid production, quench thirst, clear heat and phlegm, promotes digestion and urination.

Quality Standard
Nature never means safe and health. Here in Novoherb we redefine Nature — Means that we only select these herbs which have been proven to be safe and effective by thousands of years of traditional clinical applications, to tonify the body, nourish mind and calm spirits; Means that we use only wild crafted or organically cultivated herbs for extraction process; Means there is only purified water or merely organic rice ethanol used as extract solvent during extraction process; Means we keep the principle of Novoherb’s Fingerprint Full-Spectrum Extract Technology (FFET™) to extract herbs and maintain all naturally occurring active ingredients in it’s reasonable proportion as nature intended and maximum their synergistic effects.

With the fast company development and high reputation on market, we have been incorporated with our US partner since 2016 who has unbeatable capability on herbal formulations. We believe the powerful combination between us will be the gospel to the well-being of all society.