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Maitake Mushroom Extract Powder

  • Chinese Name     Hui Shu Hua  灰树花
  • Latin Name          Grifola frondosa
  • Other Names       Hen-of-the-woods, Signorina Mushroom, Maitake D-fraction,
  • Used Part             Fruit Bodies
  • Specification       Powdered Extract


Maitake is an exceptional Medicinal Mushroom which has been used for thousands of years to boost the immune system and promote well-being. Maitake Mushrooms are rich in vitamins, minerals polysaccharides and amino acids.

What Is Maitake Mushroom?

Maitake, Grifola Frondosa or Hen Of The Woods, is an edible fungi which grows wild around select oak trees. Maitake is commonly found in Japan and North America, and is famously used to support and strengthen the immune system.

In Japan Maitake means “The Dancing Mushroom”, as those who found it in the wild would literally jump for joy. In fact, Maitake Mushrooms were once worth their weight in silver during medieval times.

Maitake Mushrooms are still sought after today, with many chef and food lovers finding the taste to be exceptional for culinary purposes and beneficial health effects.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Maitake Mushrooms?

Maitake is a medicinal mushroom that is best known for its ability to detoxify carcinogens as it contains beta glucan polysaccharides, which have been found to promote natural cell growth and energize the cellular immune system to an astounding degree. However, the health benefits of Maitake are not limited to these two traits.

Maitake supports the healing of a broad spectrum of conditions including:

  • Helping protect the liver in handling chemical toxins
  • Fighting hepatitis b
  • Battling blood, stomach, and bone cell mutation
  • Lowering high blood pressure and blood lipid levels (two key risk factor in cardiovascular disease)
  • Aiding digestion in the stomach and intestines
  • Provinding nutritional support by enhancing the colon’s ability to absorb micronutrients, especially copper and zinc.

Maitake has also been known to promote the following:

  • Supporting cardiovascular health by regulating blood pressure and normalizing cholesterol and blood lipids
  • Supporting the appropriate production of insulin
  • Stimulating the immune system
  • Activating macrophages, which consume mutated cells
  • Helping block the growth of tumors
  • Studies demonstrate Maitake is an effective tool in treating leukemia, stomach, and bone cancers
  • Relieving side effects of chemotherapy
  • Aiding digestion by eliminating food stagnation
  • Supporting liver health, especially as related to hepatitis
  • Fighting bacterial and viral infections

Maitake Mushroom is also prescribed in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Japan to increase vitality, support liver health, balance blood sugar levels and boost cellular health.

Maitake Mushroom Research

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