Salvia Root Extract Powder

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Salvia Root Extract Powder

  • Chinese Name      Dan Shen  丹参
  • Latin Name           Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge
  • Other Names        Salvia Root, Red Sage Root, Chinese sage, Tan Shen
  • Used Part              Root
  • Specification        Powdered Extract


Salvia (Salvia miltiorrhizae) (Red Sage Root) is a very important herb in the tonic health system because it supports healthy blood circulation. Salvia is classically said to have a cold energy.

It is the perhaps the primary herb now used in Chinese herbalism to promote healthy circulatory function in the cardiovascular system.

Traditionally, Salvia (Dan Shen in Chinese) is usually used in combination with other herbs. However, in the past decade Salvia has come to be commonly used by itself in China. This is due to extensive research that has shown it to be both safe and an effective cardiovascular support product as a result of its circulation supporting action.

Many women have found that Salvia is also extremely valuable for supporting healthy menstrual function.

Chemical Constituents
Tanshinones I, IIA, IIB, V and VI, isotanshinones I and II, cryptotanshinone, isocryptotanshinone, dihydrotanshinone, hydroxytanshinone IIA and methyltanshinonate, tanshinol I and tanshinol II, tanshindiols A, B and C, nortanshinone and 3-?-hydroxytanshinone IIA, miltirone, Ro-090680, salvinone, salvianolic acids A and B, rosmarinic acid, danshensu, protocatechuic aldehyde, protocatechuic acid, oleanolic acid, feruginol, dehydromiltirone, ?-sitosterol, and vitamin E.

TCM Tradition

Taste & Property       Bitter, Slightly Cold
Organ Meridians       Heart, Pericardium, Liver

TCM Functions
Invigorates the Blood and dispels Blood Stasis
  – Blood Stasis in the Lower Jiao (very important in gynecology)
  – Blood Stasis obstructing the chest
  – Rib and hypochondriac pain due to Liver Qi and Blood Stasis
Clears Heat and soothes irritability
  – Ying Stage Heat with restlessness, irritability, palpitations and insomnia
  – Heart and Kidney Yin Deficiency
Cools the Blood and reduces abscesses
  – Adjunctive to treat sores or early-stage breast abscesses
Nourishes the Blood and calms the Spirit
  – Palpitations and insomnia due to Ying and Xue Stage Heat or Heart Blood Deficiency

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