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Wild Yam Root Extract Powder

  • Chinese Name     Shan Yao 山药
  • Latin Name           Dioscorea opposita Thunb
  • Other Names        Rhizoma Dioscoreae, Chinese Yam, Mountain Yam Rhizome
  • Used Part              Root
  • Specification        Powdered Extract


Wild yam (also known as Dioscorea opposita, Chinese Yam), has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for at least 2,000 years as a congenital and acquired tonic, earning it the name “Fairy Food”.

From the perspective of TCM, Chinese wild yam is credited with tons of health benefits including:

1) Strengthening the spleen and stomach to aid digestion. Fresh yam contains amylase, polyphenol oxidase, and other matters, which make it a perfect medicine and food to help digestion and absorption. It helps regardless of it is spleen-yang or stomach-yin deficiency. Therefore, clinically it treats deficient spleen-stomach, loss of appetite, body fatigue, diarrhea and other diseases;

2) Nourishing kidney and enriching essence. It contains a variety of nutrients, which can make body stronger, nourish kidney, increase sperm count, and improve sperm quality. So, it is widely used for impotence, nocturnal emission, abnormal vaginal discharge, frequent urination, and more;

3) Benefiting lung to stop cough. It contains saponins and mucilage, which have a lubricating and moisturizing effect. Hence, it benefits lung qi, enriches lung yin, and treat chronic cough due to lung deficiency and phlegm;

4) Lowering blood sugar. Fresh yam contains mucus protein that can lower blood sugar. Therefore, it can be used in the treatment of diabetes or a good diabetic diet;

5) Promoting longevity. Raw yam contains a lot of mucus protein , vitamins and trace elements, which can effectively stop the precipitation of lipids in the blood vessel wall and thereby prevent cardiovascular. In other words, it tranquilizes the mind, promotes intelligence, and prolongs life;

6) Preventing hepatic coma. Recent studies have found that it is with sedative effect and can be used to prevent hepatic coma;

7) Soothing mood and regulating sleep. Unlike ginseng, the medicinal properties of Chinese yams are quite mild and slow. And it can soothe mood and adjust sleep while regulating the function of spleen.

8) Tonifying deficiency. Zhang Zhongjing, one of the best Chinese physicians in TCM history, was very good at using this herb. In his medical book Jin Gui Yao Lue (Essential Prescriptions of the Golden Coffer), it is used to cure qi-blood deficiency, stomach pain, arthralgia, amenorrhea, irregular menstruation and other symptoms.

TCM Tradition

Taste & Property       Sweet, Neutral
Organ Meridians       Kidney, Lung, Spleen

TCM Functions
Tonifies the Spleen, nourishes Stomach Yin and stops diarrhea
  – Spleen or Stomach Deficiency with diarrhea, fatigue, spontaneous sweating and anorexia
Tonifies Lung Qi and nourishes Lung Yin
 – Lung Qi and/or Yin Deficiency with chronic cough
Tonifies Kidney Yin and astringes Jing
  – Kidney Qi Deficiency with spermatorrhea, urinary frequency and vaginal discharge
  – Xiao Ke due to Qi and Yin Deficiency

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