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Polygala Root Extract Powder

  • Chinese Name   Yuan Zhi  远志
  • Latin Name         Polygala tenuifolia Willd
  • Other Names      Radix Polygalae, Polygala Root, Chinese Senega, Thin-Leaf Milkwort, Siberian Milk-Wort Root
  • Used Part            Root
  • Specification      Powdered Extract


Polygala Root(Yuan Zhi) – “Profound Will” or “Long-term Memory”

Polygala root is a well-known traditional Chinese medicine that has been prescribed for thousands of years for a range of nervous system disturbances, these include amnesia, neurasthenia, palpitation, and insomnia. More recently, there has been renewed interest in the cognition-enhancing potential of Polygala tenuifolia root extracts. Several studies have shown that Polygala tenuifolia extracts have cognition improving effects in vivo, in addition to protective effects on neurotoxicity that is induced in vitro by factors such as glutamate, beta-amyloid, and the C-terminal fragment of amyloid precursor protein (CT)

Polygala contains triterpenoid saponins, these promote the clearing of phlegm from the bronchial tubes. The plant is used mainly as an expectorant and stimulant to treat bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis and whooping cough. The root is antibacterial, cardiotonic, cerebrotonic, expectorant, haemolytic, hypotensive, sedative and tonic. It acts mainly as a tonic for the heart and kidney energies. It is taken internally in the treatment of coughs with profuse phlegm, bronchitis, insomnia, palpitations, poor memory, anxiety, depression and nervous tension. Externally it is used to treat boils and carbuncles.

Polygala saponin XXXII from Polygala tenuifolia root improves hippocampal-dependent learning and memory.

TCM Tradition

Taste & Property      Bitter, Acrid, Slightly Warm
Organ Meridians       Heart, Lung

TCM Functions
Calms the Spirit, sedates the Heart and clears the channel joining the Heart and Kidney
  – Insomnia, palpitations with anxiety, restlessness, and disorientation.
  – Most effective for excessive brooding or pent-up emotions
  – Lack of communication between the Heart and Kidneys
Expels Phlegm, opens the Orifices, clears the Lungs and stops cough
  – Phlegm Blocking the Heart Orifices with emotions and mental disorientation, spasms or seizures
  – Phlegm Obstructing the Lungs with copious sputum, especially when it is difficult to expectorate
  – Angina pectoris
Reduces abscesses and dissipates swellings
  – Boils, abscesses, sores, and swollen, painful breasts (powdered and applied topically or taken with wine)

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